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Name: Sabrina Provencher

Email Address:

Position: M.Sc. Student   


Sabrina completed her Bachelor’s degree in Honours Psychology at McGill in 2022. She completed her second undergraduate thesis with the SPIN team under Dr. Brett Thombs supervision. She conducted a cross-sectional study aimed at identifying symptoms of anxiety among individuals with systemic sclerosis. For her Master’s thesis, she will be looking at caregivers and support for individuals with scleroderma. After completing her Master’s degree, Sabrina aspires to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 

Academic Recognitions and Awards:

- Team Undergraduate Research Competition Winner, 2021. Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada ($1,000). 

- Faculty of Science Scholarships, 2019-2020. McGill University. Academic achievement to students in the top 5% of the Faculty ($500).

- Dean’s Honours List, 2019-2020. McGill University. Offered for academic standing over 2 combined semesters (top 10%). 

Travel Awards:

  • International Travel Award, April 2022. ($1,000 US to attend the Society of Pediatric Psychology’s Annual Conference (SPPAC) in Phoenix, USA). 

  • Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) Ambassador Fund, April 2022. ($2,702 to attend the SPPAC in Phoenix, USA). 

Research Funding:

Master’s Funding:

  • Masters Award, Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS). (2022-2023, $17,500 per year).


Funded Undergraduate Research Internships:

  • Summer Research Student Award, offered by the Cundill Centre for Child and Youth Depression and Center for Psycho-Oncology to engage in 15 weeks of full-time research, 2021. ($5,000). 

  • PURA (Psychology Undergraduate Research Award), Award offered by McGill University’s psychology department to ~ 5 outstanding students in Psychology to engage in 16 weeks of part-time research. ($3,500). 


Selected Poster Presentations: 

- Provencher, S., Chapados, P., Soto, YC., Lai, MC., Bartels, U., Vorstman, J., Barrera, M., & Desjardins,L. (2022). Associations between theory of mind, facial emotion recognition and cognitive functioning in Pediatric brain tumor survivors. Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference (SPPAC), Phoenix, USA. 


- Provencher, S., Henry, R., &Thombs, BD. (2022). Cross-sectional study on factors associated with symptoms of anxiety among people with systemic sclerosis. 7th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress. Virtual Congress, March 2022.


- Provencher, S., Henry, R., & Thombs, BD. (2022). Cross-sectional study on factors associated with symptoms of depression among people with systemic sclerosis. 7th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress. Virtual Congress, March 2022.


- McCrackin, S. D., Provencher, S*., Mendell, E., & Ristic, J. (2021).  I can’t see it in your eyes: Occluding an individual’s eye-region impacts the ability to infer and share their emotional state.  Women in Psychology’s Annual Trends in Psychology Summit (TiPS), Boston (virtual), Massachusetts, USA.


- Provencher, S., Carruyo Soto, Y., Tatchinda Kuete, L. B. (2021). “Our Wishes”, a new palliative care tool to help patients and relatives’ quality of life before and after passing. Undergraduate national research competition, Brain tumor Foundation, virtual meeting. 


- Provencher, S. McCrakin S. D., Ristic, J. (2021, April). Individual differences in recognizing emotions with face masks. Poster session presented at McGill University, Department of Psychology’s annual undergraduate poster presentation, Montreal, Quebec.


Selected Oral Presentations: 

- Provencher S, Henry RS, Thombs BD. Cross-sectional study on factors associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression among people with systemic sclerosis: A scleroderma patient-centered intervention network (SPIN) cohort study. 52nd Laurentian Conference of Rheumatology, Virtual Conference, May 2022. 


- McCrackin, S. D., Capozzi, F., Provencher, S*., Mendell, E*., Mayrand, F. & Ristic, J. (2021). Individual differences in social competence and personality traits modulate emotion recognition from masked faces. *Equal contribution. Talk presented at the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS) 2021 Annual Conference, Montreal (virtual), Qc, Canada.

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