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SPIN Trainees Sami Harb, Kimberly Turner, and Andrea Carboni Jiménez Receive the CIHR Master's Awards

by Lydia Tao | Apr 09, 2019


Recently, SPIN trainees Sami Harb, Kimberly Turner, and Andrea Carboni Jiménez all received master's awards from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). The CIHR funding will support them to continuously work on their current and future research projects. 


Sami's master's thesis at McGill involves the SPIN - Physical ACtivity Enhancement (SPIN-PACE) project. He is working on focus group data of physical activity in scleroderma. He will continue the project next year by administering a survey to the SPIN Cohort, and the results will inform development of an online physical activity program for people with scleroderma. 


Andrea is working on various projects, including SPIN intervention development, and reviews on caregiver burden in rare and non-rare diseases, barriers and facilitators to support group attendance, interventions for people with visible differences, and conflict of interest disclosure in meta-analyses of pharmaceutical trials. Her master’s thesis at McGill University will focus on the effectiveness of support groups for people living with medical conditions.  


Kimberly is completing a MSc in Psychiatry. She is involved in meta-research and her thesis is examining the extent to which meta-analyses report conflicts of interests of included trials and which factors are associated with reporting. She also works with the SPIN team on projects focused on improving the health-related quality of life of people living with scleroderma. She will begin her studies in clinical psychology at the University of Ottawa in September where her research will focus on homelessness and Ottawa's shelter system.


Congratulations, Sami, Andrea, and Kimberly!

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