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Congratulations to the CONSORT Team

by Mahrukh Imran | Jan 06, 2019


The CONSORT team recently received confirmation that the project will be sponsored by the Lady Davis Institute of the Jewish General Hospital and McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine. This funding will help support the upcoming International CONSORT Guideline Development Meeting scheduled to take place in May 2019 in London, UK. The consensus meeting will be attended by members of the project team, as well as key stakeholders, and is important for the development and finalization of the extension to the CONSORT statement for RCTs conducted using cohorts and routinely collected health data.


The CONSORT team would like to thank Dr. Roderick McInnes (Director, Lady Davis Institute) and Dr. David Eidelman (Dean, McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine) for their support of the project.


To learn more about the CONSORT project click here to view the project protocol that was recently published in Research Integrity and Peer Review.

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