Name: Julia Nordlund

Email Address: ctfphc.admin@mcgill.ca 

Position: CTFPHC Administrator; Research Assistant 


Julia is an administrator and research assistant with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive
Health Care (CTFPHC), an organization chaired by Dr. Thombs. She graduated from McGill
University with a master’s degree in Biology in 2018. Her thesis focused on species distribution
modelling of small mammal hosts of Lyme disease in North America. In the future, Julia would
like to apply these modelling methods to support conservation practices for the protection of
endangered species.


Québec Center for Biodiversity Science Excellence Award. Awarded to top graduate students in biodiversity science to support their M.Sc. research. May 2017.

Redpath Museum Delise Alison Award. Award to support M.Sc. studies at McGill University. May 2016.