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Name: Gabriel Sung

Email Address:

Position: Research Intern


Gabriel joined the DEPRESSD team as a Globalink research intern in June 2023. She is a global health major at The University of Hong Kong and have worked with various research teams at her home university. Gabriel’s research interests include psychiatric epidemiology and Mendelian randomization.


- Mitacs Globalink Research Award.

- Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Award 21-22 & 22-23, The University of Hong Kong.



- Sung, CYG; Wong, THT; Mo, MYJ; Au Yeung, SLR. (August 2022). Liver disease and metabolomics: a two-sample Mendelian Randomization study.

- Sung, CYG; Au Yeung, SLR. (April 2022). Climate change and mental health: a systematic review of systematic reviews.

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