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Name: Gabrielle Virgili-Gervais

Email Address: gabrielle.virgiligervais

Position: Biostatistician


Gabrielle joined the DEPRESSD team as a biostatistician in September 2022. She holds a master’s in biostatistics from McGill University, a bachelor’s in statistics and a bachelor’s in education from UQAM. Her master’s centred around modelling a socio-economic status index for mixed data using hierarchical modelling under the supervision of prof. Alexandra M. Schmidt. Her research interests involve Bayesian analysis, Spatial analysis and Hierarchical modelling.


-Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) 2021 Conference Case Study Competition Award – Conference Award (750$). SSC and the Canada Energy Regulator (CER); 2021.

-FRQNT Master’s scholarship (17500$); 2021 McGill.

-NSERC Master’s scholarship (17500$); 2020 McGill.

-Fisher-Tukey excellence in Statistics scholarship (2000$); 2019 UQAM.

-Marie-Thérèse women’s excellence in Mathematics and Statistics scholarship (3200$); 2019 UQAM.

-NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (4625$); 2019 UQAM.

-FRQNT Supplement for the NSERC undergraduate research program (2000$); 2019 UQAM.

-Guy-Marier-Bell excellence in Sciences scholarship (2000$); 2018 UQAM.

-Roger-Turcotte-Groupe Modulo excellence in Sciences scholarship (1000$); 2018 UQAM.

-Jenny-Desrochers excellence in Education scholarship (1500$); 2016 UQAM.

Posters and Presentations:


‘A robust alternative to factor analysis for socio-economic indices’. Pathways to Healthy cities consortium; London, England, April 2022.


‘Estimating socioeconomic status through a hierarchical spatial Bayesian model for mixed dichotomous and continuous variables’. International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) world meeting; Montreal, Canada, June 2022.

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