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Name: Denis Chmoulevitch

Email Address:

Position: Research Assistant


Denis is working within the meta-research and policy team investigating the drivers and solutions for too much medicine in psychiatry. He has completed a degree in Cognitive Science at McGill University and is pursuing studies in Journalism. He is interested in science communication and science literacy and hopes to make the tower of academia more accessible to a lay audience. His previous experience include research on problematic smartphone use and how it can be reduced with a behavioural intervention. He has also worked on a novel creativity task that makes use of semantic networks.


- First class Honours, McGill University, 2020
- Arts Undergraduate Research Award (ARIA), $4,500, McGill University, Summer 2020
- E & M Wilson Bursary, $3,000, McGill University, 2017-2018


Selected Presentations:

Chmoulevitch D, Norlund J, Turner K, Thombs BD. Drivers and Solutions for “Too Much Medicine” in Mental Health Care: A Cross-sectional Study. Annual Arts Undergraduate Research Event, Montreal, QC. January 2021. (Presented online due to Covid-19)


Olson JA, Nahas J, Chmoulevitch D, Webb ME. The Divergent Association Task: Validation of a Quick and Objectively Scored Measure of Creativity. Canadian Psychological Association Convention 2020, Montreal, QC. May 2020. (Cancelled due to Covid-19)


Chmoulevitch D, Sandra DA, Olson JA, Kaypak C, Raz A, Veissière SPL. Effects of Reducing Smartphone Use: A Feasibility Study. Lady Davis Institute Scientific Retreat, May 2019.

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