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Name: Bianca Matthews

Email Address:

Position: Undergraduate Research Student


Bianca joined the SPIN team as an Undergraduate Research Student in September 2022 in order

to complete her undergraduate thesis. Originally from Toronto, she is currently completing her

fourth and final year in the BSc Psychology program at McGill University. Her previous research

has focused on chronic pain and how external environmental factors can affect an individual’s

experience with a chronic pain condition. She will be working on a project that investigates the

trajectories of pain in scleroderma. Bianca is interested in bridging the gap between public health

issues and chronic conditions, longitudinal research designs, and knowledge translation.


1. McGill Biology Summer Research Award. Department of Biology. 2022.

2. John Locke Churchill Global Health Scholars Award. McGill Global Health

Programs. 2022.

3. Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring. McGill Faculty of Science. 2022.

4. Faculty of Science Scholarship. McGill Faculty of Science. 2021.

5. BC Children’s Hospital Summer Research Fellowship. BC Children’s Hospital. 2021.

6. LORAN Award. LORAN Scholars Association. 2019.

7. Canadian Service Corps Certificate of Recognition. Justin P.J Trudeau. 2019.

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