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Name: Yi Liu

Email Address:

Position: Undergraduate Student 


Yi Liu is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Public Health at Sichuan University. Her research interest mainly focuses on health data modeling and she will join the Thombs research team (DEPRESSD and SPIN teams) in July 2021. Liu has been actively involved in a series of research projects including leading an epidemiological project “Relationship between dietary diversity and cognition in the elderly”. She also worked as a research assistant in the “The China Multi-Ethnic Cohort (CMEC)” study targeting on the risk factors of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Currently she is devoted to a statistical project on predictive model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Chinese population. 

- The Third-Class Scholarship. Sichuan University, 2019-2020
- The Third-Class Scholarship. Sichuan University, 2018-2019
- The Second-Class Scholarship. Sichuan University, 2017-2018.
- The Third Prize of the Internet Plus College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest. Sichuan University, 2018-2019.


Note: Yi Liu has left the team in 2021

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