Name: Olivia Bonardi

Email Address:

Position: Undergraduate Thesis Student


Olivia is completing the fourth year of her bachelor’s degree in the Anatomy and Cell Biology program with a minor in anthropology at McGill University. Her work in clinical trial registration and data transparency with McGill’s Universities Allied for Essential Medicines chapter lead her to seek research opportunities with Dr. Thombs and his teams. In light of the recent pandemic, Olivia is now working on a living systematic review regarding mental health in COVID-19.


- Denise Benzacar Undergraduate Field Study Award ($1,500). McGill University, 2020.
- McGill University Health Center Studentship ($2000). McGill University, 2019.
- Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring ($300). McGill University, 2019.


Pradhan R, Bonardi O. Clinical Trial Transparency. McGill Journal of Medicine. 2019.


Bonardi O, Wright S. The Role of Research Ethics Committees in the International Campaign for Clinical Trial Transparency. McGill University Global Health Night, Montreal, Canada. November 2019.