Name: Mahrukh Imran

Email Address:

Position: Research Coordinator 


Mahrukh recently obtained her Master’s degree in Public Health from McGill University and is currently leading the CONSORT project under the supervision of Dr. Brett Thombs & Dr. Linda Kwakkenbos. Along with working on the development of the CONSORT extension, she is involved in managing the project and collaborating with an international network of experts that are part of the CONSORT team. During her Master’s degree, Mahrukh gained experience in epidemiological research, statistical methods, data analysis, critical appraisal and health policy. Mahrukh is also involved in the DEPRESSED project of individual patient data meta-analyses (IPD-MA) on the diagnostic accuracy of depression screening tools. She moved to Montreal in 2012 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Management at McGill. 


Kwakkenbos L, Imran M, McCord KA, Sampson M, Fröbert O, Gale C, Hemkens LG, Langan SM, Moher D, Relton C, Zwarenstein M, Benchimol EI, Boutron I, Campbell MK, Erlinge D, Jawad S, Ravaud P, Rice D, Sauvé M, van Staa TP, Thabane L, Uher R, Verkooijen HM, Juszczak E, Thombs BD. Protocol for a scoping review to support development of a CONSORT extension for RCTs using cohorts and routinely collected health data. BMJ Open. 2018;8:e025266