Name: Danielle Rice

Email Address:

Position: PhD Candidate 


Danielle is a PhD Candidate completing her Psychology Residency at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Danielle is a Vanier Scholar and previous Health Systems Impact Fellow currently enrolled in McGill’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. Born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, Danielle obtained a BA (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Waterloo and a MSc in Psychiatry from McGill. She has held a number of research coordinator positions focused on clinical and health psychology. She is interested in health policy and health systems research, evidence synthesis, and the reproducibility and methodological quality of studies, especially within the field of mental health.

Danielle’s research with the Behavioural Health Research Group focuses on conducting patient-oriented research among people living with scleroderma and their informal caregivers. She is also involved in the DEPRESSD registry project of individual patient data meta-analyses on the diagnostic accuracy of depression screening tools, and the CONSORT extension for randomized controlled trials using cohorts and routinely collected health data. 


- Health System Impact Fellowship ($50, 000). Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), 2018-2019

- Outstanding Student in Rheumatology Award ($650). Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals, 2018

- Graduate Mobility Award ($4000). McGill University, 2018

- Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($150, 000). Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), ($150, 000), 2017-2020

- Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Doctoral Award ($105, 000, awarded but declined), 2017-2020

- Fonds de Recherche en Santé du Québec –Doctoral Award ($63, 000, awarded but declined), 2017-2020

- EQUATOR Canada Publication School Scholarship ($750)

- Best Presentation of Clinical Research Results [Co-author Carboni Jiménez, Rice, et al., 2018]- Laurentian Conference of Rheumatology, 2018

- 3rd place poster award [Co-author Mehta, Rice, et al., 2017]- American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017

- André Lussier Fellowship Travel Bursary, Laurentian Conference of Rheumatology, 2017

- Poster Award [Co-Author Jewett et al., 2016]- Annual National Scleroderma Conference, 2016

- University of Waterloo Arts Young Alumni Award, 2016

- Fonds de Recherche de Santé du Québec –Masters Award ($30, 000), 2015-2017

- Graduate Excellence Fellowship ($5000), McGill University, 2015

- 1st place poster award [Co-author Mehta, Rice et al., 2015a]- American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2015

- 3rd place poster award [Co-Author Mehta, Rice et al., 2015b]- American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2015

- Poster Award [Co-Author Azar, Rice et al., 2015]- Annual National Scleroderma Conference, 2015

- Graduate Excellence Fellowship ($3000). McGill University, 2015

- 1st Place Research Paper Award [Co-Author for MacKenzie et al., 2015]- Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2015

- André Lussier Fellowship Travel Bursary. Laurentian Conference of Rheumatology, 2015

- Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS)-Master’s ($17,500). Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), 2014

- Graduate Excellence Entry Award ($1000). McGill University, 2014

- Travel Award ($1100). International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2013

- Travel Award ($150). University of Waterloo Award for Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference, 2012

- President’s Scholarship ($2000- admission average exceeding 90%). University of Waterloo, 2009

Recent Publications:

 Benedetti, A., Levis, B., Rucker, G., Jones, H.E., Schumacher, M., Ioannidis, J.P.A., Thombs, B.D., & the DEPRESSD Group. (2020). An empirical comparison of three methods for multiple cutoff diagnostic test meta‐analysis of the Patient Health Questionnaire‐9 (PHQ‐9) depression screening tool using published data vs individual level data. Research Synthesis Methods, 13(5), 471-519.


Levis, B., Negeri, Z., Sun, Y., Benedetti, A., Thombs, B.D., & the DEPRESSD Group. (2020). Accuracy of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) for Screening to Detect Major Depression among Pregnant and Postpartum Women: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data. Accepted to BMJ [September 2020].


McIntyre, A., Mehta, S., Janzen, S., Rice, D.B., Harnett, A., MacKenzie, H. M., ... & Teasell, R. (2020). Coping strategies and personality traits among individuals with brain injury and depressive symptoms. NeuroRehabilitation, 1-10.


Rice, D.B., Carboni-Jiménez, A., Cañedo-Ayala, M., Turner, K.A., Chiovitti, M., Levis, A.W., & Thombs, B.D. (2020). Perceived Benefits and Facilitators and Barriers to Providing Psychosocial Interventions for Informal Caregivers of People with Rare Diseases: A Scoping Review. The Patient-Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, 13(5), 471-519.


Cañedo-Ayala, M., Rice, D.B., Levis, A., Chiovitti, M., & Thombs, B.D. Balance of Group Sizes in Randomized Controlled Trials Published in APA Journals. Accepted to Health Psychology [June 2020].


Wu, Y., Levis, B., Ioannidis, J.P.A., Benedetti, A., Thombs, B.D., & the DEPRESSD Collaboration. Probability of Major Depression Classification Based on the SCID, CIDI and MINI Diagnostic Interviews: A Synthesis of Three Individual Participant Data Meta-Analyses. Accepted to Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. [June, 2020].


Sud, A., Lai, K.S.P., Cheng, D.K-Y., Chung, C., Cunningham, H., Espinosa, O., & Rice, D.B. (2020). Mind-Body Interventions for Depressive Symptoms in Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review of Meta-Analyses Reviews. Accepted to Pain Physician. [June, 2020].


Thombs, B.D., Kwakkenbos, L., Carrier, M.-E., Bourgeault, A., Tao, L., Gagarine, M., Rice, D.B., et al., (2020). Protocol for a Partially Nested Randomised Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network COVID-19 Home-isolation Activities Together (SPIN-CHAT) Program to Reduce Anxiety among At-Risk Scleroderma Patients. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 135 (110132), 1-11.


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Wolfe, D., Kanji, S., Yazdi, F., Barbeau, P., Rice, D.B., Beck, A., Butler, C., Esmaeilisaraji, L., Skidmore, B., Moher, D., & Hutton, B. (2020). Drug induced pancreatitis: A systematic review of case reports to determine potential drug associations. PLOS ONE, 15(4), e0231883.


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Presentations (selected):

Select Poster Presentations:

Carboni-Jiménez A, Rice DB, Thombs BD. Examining Caregiver Intensity and Perceived Burden of Informal Caregivers to Persons with Chronic Medical Conditions: A Systematic Review. International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. June 2018.


Rice DB, Cañedo-Ayala M, Gumuchian TS, Hagedoorn M, Malcarne V, Thombs BD. Focus Group Discussions to Inform the Development of Services for Informal Caregivers of Patients with Scleroderma. 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress, Bordeaux, France, February, 2018.


Rice DB, Cañedo-Ayala M, Carrier M-E, Cumin J, Malcarne V, Hagedoorn M, Thombs BD, and the Caregiver Advisory Committee. Challenges and Service Preferences of Informal Caregivers of People with Systemic Sclerosis. 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress, Bordeaux, France, February 2018.


Cañedo-Ayala M, Rice DB, Levis B, Carrier M-E, Cumin J, Malcarne V, Hagedoorn M, Thombs BD, Caregiver Advisory Committee. Caregiver, Care Recipient, and Caregiving Factors Associated with Symptoms of Depression among Informal Caregivers of People Living with Systemic Sclerosis. 5th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress, Bordeaux, France, February 2018.


Levis B, Benedetti A, Riehm KE, Saadat N, Levis AW, Azar M, Rice DB, Chiovitti M, Thombs BD, and the DEPRESSD Research Group. Are clinician-administered semi-structured interviews and lay-administered fully structured interviews equivalent gold standards for major depression? An individual patient data meta-analysis. Global Evidence Summit, Cape Town, South Africa. September 2017.


Select Oral Presentations:

Xu Z, Rice DB, Sigman M. Requesting a compulsory treatment order: Psychology’s view from the witness stand. Presented at International Congress of Applied Psychology, Montreal, Quebec, June 2018.


Rice DB. Who’s who in mental health care? Clinical Psychology Representative for – Students’ Society of McGill University Mental Health Awareness Week. Montreal, Quebec, January 2017.


Rice DB. Coping with depression: How to effectively lift your mood. Dr. Michael Spevack Lecture Series, Montreal, Quebec, October 2016.


Rice DB. Methodological considerations in evidence synthesis. Collaboration of Rehabilitation Research Evidence, London, Ontario, July 2016.


Rice DB, Thombs BD. Sample size specification and population appropriateness in depression screening accuracy studies. In Thombs BD (Chair), Improving evidence-based psychological services by identifying and reducing reporting biases (Symposium). 2015 Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. June 2015.